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residential care

Residential Care

Our residential care service is designed to provide a safe, nurturing and homely environment. Our dedicated team of staff will ensure that all the needs of our residents are met, while respecting their privacy and individual choices. We understand how important it is for individuals to remain as independent as possible and strive to create an atmosphere that encourages this.

We offer a variety of activities throughout the day including exercise classes, arts and crafts sessions, movie nights and social events – all tailored to meet the interests of our residents. Our care services also include personalised dietary plans to ensure that each resident’s nutritional needs are met.

Our residential care service is tailored to the individual, with each resident receiving a personalised care plan that meets their unique needs and requirements. We understand that everyone has different physical, mental and emotional capabilities, so our team ensures these are all taken into account when creating a care plan.

Personalised Residential Care

The activities offered vary from home to home, depending on the interests and needs of each individual resident. Our highly trained team works closely with residents and their families to create a tailored programme that is designed to stimulate minds and provide lasting memories. By taking part in the variety of activities available, residents will not only be able to socialise with their peers but also stay active and receive physical exercise that can help improve mobility and overall wellbeing.


As well as offering physical activities, Care Concept homes strive to promote mental stimulation through creative projects such as woodwork, art classes, music sessions or play reading. These pursuits are often more enjoyable when shared with friends so our experienced staff will ensure group participation where possible.

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