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5 / 5

My mother was transferred to Goldendale in January 2017 from hospital for a 6-week review and remained until she sadly passed away on 15.1.21 whilst in their care. My mother received excellent care, was treated with dignity and compassion by all the wonderful staff. Over the last few weeks the care my mother received from staff whilst sadly at end of life was above and beyond what was expected and as a family, we are eternally grateful for looking after our loved one so well.

Clare R (Daughter of Resident)

5 / 5

Goldendale House is a modern and well set out care home with plenty of light and space. It is kept spotlessly clean throughout, with new en-suite bedrooms. It has a family atmosphere with all the staff being very friendly, informative and caring. We are kept well informed of anything to do with my Mum and feel confident that she is being looked after properly.

Michael M (Son of Resident)

5 / 5

Goldendale is so caring with all the staff taking the time to get to know my Grandma in the short time she has been in there. Activities are regular and the photos on social media help us through this time where we can’t visit. They have even facilitated calls and are always willing to do this for us despite there being a lot of us calling! Thank you!

A H (Grandson of Resident)

5 / 5

Goldendale care home is a lovely place the staff are really welcoming, we have had no worries about dad being in the home throughout this pandemic as we know he is looked after and cared for amazingly well, we can’t thank the staff enough for helping us and dad through this terrible times. Thank you again.

Kelly N (Daughter of Resident)

5 / 5

Lovely happy place. Staff are very friendly and helpful, nothing is too much trouble.
The staff are clearly caring and are especially good and patient with residents who have dementia. The key to all care homes is kindness and this one ticks all the boxes.
Thank you.

Pam M (Friend of Resident)

5 / 5

Excellent and very caring staff members. Mum is well cared for by the staff at Trewan House who clearly know her. The staff have been especially welcoming and friendly with me. I feel that this is the right place for Mum.

Jane K (Daughter of Resident)

5 / 5

The home is always spotlessly clean, fresh smelling, homely. Staff are caring, friendly and welcoming. Mum is very well fed and treated with care and compassion by all staff.

A P (Daughter of Resident)

4 / 5

Mum has only been in Trewan House two months and so far, the family and friends are happy with the care they provide.

Anne S (Daughter of Resident)

4 / 5

My visit is allowed to take place in the main residents’ lounge, which is much appreciated due to Mum’d mobility. Whilst staffing levels do vary, I have noticed once afternoon entertainment ends, it would be beneficial if one of the carers could be based there rather than in the adjacent dining room. Without a presence, it makes it difficult for residents to obtain assistance. Everyone is addressed by first name, making it personable and I am always welcome.

L D (Daughter of Resident)

5 / 5

Mum had been particularly struggling with the adjustment to the care environment. The Staff at Trewan House showed great patience and care toward her. They worked with the appropriate medical teams to adjust medication to make her experience of the care home much more pleasurable. They made sure that she was kept safe during the medication changes that happened and I’m pleased to say that Mum is much more settled there now and beginning to enjoy the experience of being there. At all times the staff made sure that she was a part of daily life in Trewan House. All of the people there are very caring towards her, even during the difficult periods. The staff have been great with the rest of the family too. Spending time with us to make sure we understand what is happening and that we are comfortable with the experience Mum is going through.

Huw T (Son of Resident)

5 / 5

On entry to the home, we had a discussion with some of the care staff as Mum had been struggling to settle in the home due to her dementia. The staff gave us an update and were very reassuring that she was improving following an adjustment to her medication. This was evidenced when we met with Mum, and she seemed calm and relaxed; this was a significant improvement in comparison with previous visits.
Throughout the visit, the staff were attentive to her, and she seemed comfortable in their presence. It was lunchtime during the visit, and a good roast dinner was served to both residents and staff alike.
The home was clean and tidy, with all walkways clear of tripping hazards. Though we saw few of the residents, those we did see appeared to be well looked after and cared for.

R T (Son of Resident)

5 / 5

Our mum is a resident at Trewan House and has been for more than 2 years. The staff are wonderfully caring 24/7. Mum was on end-of-life care 18 months ago, and the staff were so attentive to all her needs, taking such good care of her, she is now happy, comfortable and stable and no longer on end-of-life care. Everyone at Trewan House is always willing to answer questions and open to suggestions we may have. We cannot fault them at all. The place is spotlessly clean. I and my family would like to thank the staff and management for all they do for our mum, we couldn’t have found a better place for her. Thank you so much Trewan House.

Delia E (Daughter of Resident)

4 / 5
Staff are attentive to the residents’ needs. They go out of their way to ensure that they are happy and comfortable in their surroundings and constantly talk to the residents. At meal times, the staff will always try to accommodate the residents’ preference of meals. My wife’s bedroom is always clean 
and tidy. Since the new owners have taken over, they are investing in the home to improve the facilities for the residents. When they speak to my wife she always greets them with a smile which is comforting for me, as I know she is happy.

John F (Husband of Resident)

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